About Us

Quark Consulting’s core business is working with and around the PV Solar industry.

Our start came by working in the commercial solar sector designing PV system for public schools and regional councils. We have since worked across a broad range of commercial sectors including for businesses in the defence, manufacturing, food and wine industries, government bodies and has now been broadened to include applying our design methodology to the residential sector (see Quark Solar).

We have worked on commercial projects ranging from 1.17mW (4,500 panels) down to small businesses where installing 40 panels the most financially viable option.

Quark Consulting has a broad portfolio of work we can reference and strive to remain at the forefront of PV Solar whilst continuing to deliver our projects with best result of client as the principal priority.

PV Solar and its application in the real world is something that is inherently simple but through the great efforts of the Solar industry as a whole; has been made to sound and feel incredibly complex to the average Joe – wherever possible, Quark Consulting works to bring it back to basics as best we can