Aquatic Centre – 68kW

This project has been one of Quark’s most recent and complex projects. Because it is a public swimming pool, there were inherent issues around the project including site safety, the inability to shut the site down during install, complexities with shading and roof orientations, very limited records of existing infrastructure and even unanticipated changes to the roof structure during the course of the 9-month project. The site utilises multiple PV inverters to address the shading and directional restrictions, has more than 250 panels fitted to a non-penetrated roof and utilises utility specified grid protection equipment. Quark oversaw the entire program of works from early financial feasibility studies through to final commissioning.

The project was delivered at 93.5% of allocated budget (including covering the costs of more than $4.5K in unforeseen works) whilst also achieving a 1.8% increase in the installed capacity. Under our Project Management model, the client realises these savings directly.